v3.1.8 20240208

Website moved on new server
Minor server fixes

v3.1.7 20220810

Server update script fixed (broke on servers merge)

v3.1.6 20220714

Arena hit calculator fixes
Turma hit calculator code cleanup
Block now halves the damage instead of negating it
Simulator source code now available on GitHub

v3.1.5 20200710

Simulate Report fixed missing last round

v3.1.4 20200616

More accurate threat calculation on turma fights
New feature "Simulate Report" added on Expedition

v3.1.3 20200121

Expedition "All enemies simulation" bug fixed
All enemies simulations increased × 5

v3.1.2 20200117

Server Updated. The web app should run faster now

v3.1.1 20190919

Fixed wrong Britannia location names when Simulating all
Added Britannia location 4 based on rodrigomoreda's data (#156)
Fixed expedition enemies block/critical/avoid formulas
Our formulas are still not correct due to luck of data

v3.1.0 20190825

Fixed not reporting the last round when a player died
Fixed turma block chance bug

v3.0.9 20190823

Fixed get player data for BA servers

v3.0.8 20190821

Changed block chance formula
Fixed arena zero armor error
Fixed Gladiatus server backup detect
Turma is now stable and out of Beta

v3.0.7 20190803

Fixed Update servers command (Gladiatus lobby update)

v3.0.6 20190428

Added all enemies of Forest Fortress and The Moor on Britannia

v3.0.5 20190206

Added useless webattacks tracking
Added page load timer at the bottom of the page

v3.0.4 20190101

Changelog was born
Server now saves the original stats of the players on the arena simulation
Fixed an error on custom stats simulation

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